Coinswitch Kuber Review

Coinswitch Kuber Review
Coinswitch Kuber Review

Hii, my dear friends welcome to Target Cryptocurrency. Today we are going to talk about Coinswitch Kuber App Review. So, let’s start gaining information and start learning.

What is Coinswitch Kuber

Coinswitch Kuber is a crypto-exchanging and trading app where you can buy and sell crypto easily. You can buy almost all crypto currency with this app and you can also buy latest crypto release in market Cryptocurrency is also called asset in financial because it is an investment you make and depending upon market you receive your profit or loss. Some of popular crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Litecoin and many more able to buy with coinswitch kuber app. You can also buy new coins called penny coins in this app. Let’s move to second question that arises on your mind:

Is Buying Cryptocurrency with coinswitch kuber App is legal or not in India

Very simple answer to this question, yes you can buy assets and this is purely legal in India. In 6th April 2018 the Supreme Court of India disallowed the ban on buying and trading crypto assets and now you can trade in it. Do you think who blamed case on crypto trading in India?

It’s the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) as bitcoin and other currency will devast the Indian Banking System. Because these online assets are decentralized which means no one constitution fully controls it. So, in this manner buying bitcoin or ether (short form of Ethereum)  via coinswitch kuber app is fully legal.

Is Coinswitch Kuber a Scam App

No, coinswitch kuber is a trusted app or trusted crypto exchanging app, this is not a scam app that stole and take your money. I have tried this app; I have invested some amount on bitcoin and withdrawal it and received the amount in about 15 minutes. This app processed all of deposits and withdraws very smoothly. Did you ever noticed how the app developer will earn from the app. Let’s discuss it now:

Is There Any Hidden Charges Buying Cryptocurrency with Coinswitch Kuber

It’s a very tough question, the app developer says that they don’t charge any processing amount. But in my opinion as I have used this app, I have noticed that the buying and selling price of cryptocurrency Suddenly changes when we do transaction. Means when we buy a currency at point x and we want to sell it at point y there be a difference of some points. The point was not so much but little is also little. There be a second things too at buying and selling: the actual market is somewhere at difference point And when we place order it shows some delay of actual price going on the market. But this changed, you have to wait and react fast to buy or to sell to take advantages.

Coinswitch Kuber Play store Review

This app got 3.5 star rating out of 5 stars. A total of 29,000+ users have rated. There are some negative as well as positive reviews commented on this app. We will see it a little bit later. This app is rated for 3+ means above this age people can use it. But in real way you can’t verify your identity if you are below 18. Lots of people face difficulty in placing order in Coinswitch Kuber app But I haven’t had any I am able to place order, buy, sell and receive withdrawal Let’s see some reviews available on play store.

We will see 3 reviews and try to find is this a scam app or not.

coinswitch kuber playstore review
Coinswitch Kuber Review

Sai Manohar says that there is a hidden charge Actually, there is no hidden charges the main problem is that the price fluctuation of cryptocurrency. The price shows slower in buying and selling time.

coinswitch kuber review scam or legal
Coinswitch Kuber Review

Same problem as above mentioned.

coinswitch kuber app scam or real
Coinswitch Kuber Review

Yes, the user interface of coinswitch kuber app is so simple that everyone can easily understand. There is no limit option available, so you are wondering what a limit price is? Ok let me explain Limit price is the price set by you means on that price you will buy that asset. Example I will set a limit price and when the market comes on that price my order will automatically executed.

Is there any App Support?

This is a pretty much interesting question. I have realized that the support team of coinswitch kuber app will helps you when you are facing any issue or problem. They also reply to your comment that’s a good part. At starting point I am facing some problem in this app and contacted their customer support person they solved my issue. Are you wanted to know what are the amazing features of this app lets find them one by one?

Features of Coinswitch Kuber App

I have divided this part in point-by-point form for easy to understand

  • Simple user interface
  • Easy to buy and sell
  • Almost every crypto present
  • Easy to add or withdrawal money

Problems of Coinswitch Kuber App

  1. The main problem is the delay between selling price to the actual price in the market.
  2. Sometimes it takes some time to add and withdrawal of money.

I like one more part of this app and that is referral program. If you refer to one member you and they both get 50 Rupees worth Bitcoin absolutely free KYC Required. I have earned some amount by referring this app to others but wait if you think You will download this app through play store then you will not get any penny of bitcoin. You have to download this app via a referral link to get free Bitcoin so I will provide you my link. Link of Coinswitch kuber app. Note KYC is required to get free bitcoin.


Conclusion of this article is Coinswitch Kuber is a safe and user friendly crypto-exchanging app. Problem is everywhere on any app but we have to find its positive value. If you don’t want to trade or invest then you may do: Then you can start mining bitcoin. Its not so much difficult and want to learn how to mine it then visit How to Mine Bitcoin in India So, it’s a safe app which you can use to buy cryptocurrency in India. Why are you wasting your money go and invest it? Your Bitcoin are waiting for you. Download the app and start trading now.

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